Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.36Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Fix typo.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-unpack: Fix unpacke -> unpacked typoBenjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Add --format option and document default compression format.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Use SCRIPT_NAME constant.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* Remove unused constant.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Print meaningful error message when --upstream-version is missing.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Remove temporary directory even when errors occur.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Use the tempfile module to create a secure temporary directory.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Replace built-in functions by list comprehensions.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Remove unused usage function.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Use argparse instead of getopts.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* Release mozilla-devscripts 0.35 to Debian unstable.Benjamin Drung2013-12-21
* Use debhelper 9.Benjamin Drung2013-12-21
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 (no changes required).Benjamin Drung2013-12-21
* dh_xul-ext: Treat Raspbian as Debian derivativeBenjamin Drung2013-12-21
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Drung2013-04-15
| * Document changesMatthias Schmitz2013-04-14
| * Add iceowl to xpi:Depends auto-detection.Matthias Schmitz2013-04-14
| * Make failed test output more visible (print in red).Matthias Schmitz2013-04-14
* | releasing version 0.34Benjamin Drung2013-04-15
* | Add iceowl to xpi:Depends auto-detection.Matthias Schmitz2013-04-15
* releasing version 0.33Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* Update year in copyright stanza.Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* install-xpi: Search in the parent directories for a debian/ directory.Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no changes needed).Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* Use canonical VCS fields.Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* Improve error message (tell user how to fix it).Benjamin Drung2012-12-07
* dh_xul-ext: Fail if minVersion is greater than maxVersion.Benjamin Drung2012-12-07
* dh_xul-ext: Do not generate a Breaks entry for Thunderbird/Icedove 10 or later.Benjamin Drung2012-12-06
* Improve comment.Benjamin Drung2012-08-19
* releasing version 0.32Benjamin Drung2012-05-23
* Drop unused dpkg-dev, fakeroot, quilt, and wget from Depends.Benjamin Drung2012-05-23
* dh_xul-ext: Do not generate a Breaks entry for Firefox/Iceweasel 10 or later.Benjamin Drung2012-05-23
* releasing version 0.31Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* xpi-repack: Fail nicely if debian/control is missing.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* install-xpi: Fail nicely if debian/control is missing.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* install-xpi: Fix crash when invoking --help outside a package directory.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* Update machine-readable copyright Format to 1.0.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no changes required).Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* Adjust test cases.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* dh_xul-ext: correct Breaks max-version (>> not >=)Tanguy Ortolo2012-04-22
* releasing version 0.30Benjamin Drung2012-01-12
* Use unnamed variables in SPARQL queries if they are unused.Benjamin Drung2012-01-12
* dh_xul-ext: Remove "-a" as the short form of the --all parameter, because -a ...Benjamin Drung2012-01-12
* releasing version 0.29Benjamin Drung2011-10-12
* Update dh_xul-ext man page.Benjamin Drung2011-10-12
* Move scripts and Python modules one level up to correct installation directory.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Drop .bzr-builddeb/default.conf. We are using git now.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Add ${xpi:Breaks} for versioned package dependency for maximum XUL applicatio...Benjamin Drung2011-10-11