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* * [mozclient] add support for Mercurial (hg) and add a firefox-4.0 projectFabien Tassin2008-04-20
* * [minefield-packager] Add dpkg-dev (for dpkg-deb) and fakeroot to dependsFabien Tassin2008-03-24
* * add unzip (needed by to Depends: of mozilla-devscript binary packageAlexander Sack2008-02-21
* * Rewrite package description now that we provide several scriptsFabien Tassin2008-02-20
* * add libxml-xpath-perl to Depends: required by install.rdf introspectionAlexander Sack2008-02-19
* * Re-add Uploader field to make lintian happyFabien Tassin2007-12-31
* * Make *.sh scripts executable (not needed here but it makes lintian happy)Fabien Tassin2007-12-16
* * Rename package from mozclient to mozilla-devscriptsFabien Tassin2007-12-16
* * First release after a full rewrite + packagingFabien Tassin2007-12-13