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* add amo-changelog, a script for fetching version history from the amo websiteXimin Luo2014-05-09
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.36Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* Update year in copyright stanza.Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* dh_xul-ext: Fail if minVersion is greater than maxVersion.Benjamin Drung2012-12-07
* Update machine-readable copyright Format to 1.0.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* Move scripts and Python modules one level up to correct installation directory.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Add missing License line.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Relicense my stuff under the ISC license.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* debian/copyright: use a versioned format for the DEP-5.Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* debian/copyright: removed Authors section and updated ISC references. Cleaned...Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* debian/copyright: added missing copyright holders and references to the ISC l...Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* debian/copyright: updated and refreshed.Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* improve debian/copyrightAlexander Sack2009-07-07
* * First release after a full rewrite + packagingFabien Tassin2007-12-13