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* * [mozclient] add project for Flock using svnFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] move in the mozclient directoryFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] use an absolute path for as with --conf-dir i...Fabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] add a project from Prism using svnFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] Split perl modules from main perl fileFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] add support for --conf-dir and remove the templateFabien Tassin2008-06-04
* * [mozclient] Full refactoring of mozclient. It is now written in object-orie...Fabien Tassin2008-06-02
* * [mozclient] add projects xulrunner-1.9.1 and firefox-3.1 using MercurialFabien Tassin2008-05-25
* * [mozclient] add project xulrunner-2.0 also using MercurialFabien Tassin2008-04-20
* * [mozclient] add support for Mercurial (hg) and add a firefox-4.0 projectFabien Tassin2008-04-20
* * [mozclient] Add a xulrunner-1.8 projectFabien Tassin2008-03-26
* * [ minefield-packager ]Fabien Tassin2008-03-24
* * [mozclient] add a firefox-3.0-full project creating a full firefox tarball,Fabien Tassin2008-03-17
* * add to the build (add to extra_mk_files)Alexander Sack2008-02-29
* * Move from $(mk_files) to $(extra_mk_files) as it doesn'tFabien Tassin2008-02-21
* * add initial xpi makefile helper that tries to make extension packageAlexander Sack2008-02-19
* * Add the 'compare' scriptFabien Tassin2008-01-29
* * Fix broken install rule for patchesFabien Tassin2008-01-09
* * Move patches for mozilla/ inside src/ as they were previouslyFabien Tassin2008-01-04
* * Update FSF addressFabien Tassin2008-01-01
* * Fix clean-up script path substitutionFabien Tassin2007-12-30
* * Make *.sh scripts executable (not needed here but it makes lintian happy)Fabien Tassin2007-12-16
* * Rename package from mozclient to mozilla-devscriptsFabien Tassin2007-12-16
* * Update project files so that they could be used even before beingFabien Tassin2007-12-16
* * First release after a full rewrite + packagingFabien Tassin2007-12-13