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* * Use versioned target applications in Depends instead of unversioned targetBenjamin Drung2010-11-16
* Wrap long lines.Benjamin Drung2010-11-16
* Convert tabs to spaces.Benjamin Drung2010-11-16
* Introduce XulApp class.Benjamin Drung2010-11-16
* * Fix additional quotation marks in extension ID (LP: #674171).Benjamin Drung2010-11-15
* * Switch from python-rdflib to python-librdf; thanks to Willi Mann for theBenjamin Drung2010-06-10
* * Use optparse instead of getopts and ignore unknown options (LP: #543862).Benjamin Drung2010-03-24
* Do not use Python 2.6Benjamin Drung2010-01-08
* Use basename of the script for help messageBenjamin Drung2010-01-08
* Add usage function for printing the help.Benjamin Drung2010-01-08
* - drop support for deprecated MOZ_EXT_NAME and MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS variableBenjamin Drung2010-01-06
* - Convert xpi-data-*.mk files into xul-app-data.csv* files for dh_xul-extBenjamin Drung2009-12-30
* Follow symlinks, when searching for install.rdf files.Benjamin Drung2009-12-17
* - Move compare_versions from moz-version into separate moduleBenjamin Drung2009-12-17
* Add some test data.Benjamin Drung2009-12-16
* Fix typo.Benjamin Drung2009-12-16
* [ Alexander Sack <> ]Alexander Sack2009-12-16
* * dh_xul-ext:Benjamin Drung2009-12-13