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* * med-xpi-{pack,unpack}:Benjamin Drung2009-12-02
* * med-xpi-{pack,unpack}:Sasa Bodiroza2009-10-21
* * med-xpi-pack:Sasa Bodiroza2009-10-21
* - replace \n in echo commands with an extra empty echo command to avoidBenjamin Drung2009-09-22
* * med-xpi-{pack,unpack}:Benjamin Drung2009-09-22
* * Fix output dir detection in src/med-xpi-packSasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix bug where xpi file is placed in the same dir where the unpacked extens...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix bashisms in src/med-xpi-packSasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix src/med-xpi-pack to not check if XPI file already exists. It breaks th...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-21
* Add function usage() to src/med-xpi-pack to print out information on error, o...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08
* Improve med-xpi-pack to not include debian/ and temp-*/ directories, and to u...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08
* Improved src/med-xpi-pack. Resulting is placed inside .Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08
* Add src/med-xpi-{pack,unpack} scripts to manage packing and unpacking of XPI ...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08