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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Remove all stuff that is unrelated to packaging XUL extensions.Benjamin Drung2011-10-08
* * [mozclient] add support for local branches instead of the configured remote...Fabien Tassin2009-01-19
* * [mozclient] search the main nobin script in the system wide mozclientFabien Tassin2008-12-22
* * [mozclient] fix hg incorrectly requesting branchesFabien Tassin2008-11-26
* * [mozclient] only remove REMOVED+${nobinonly}.txt if it does existFabien Tassin2008-10-19
* * [mozclient] don't run MOZCLIENT_EXCLUDE_SCRIPT if does not exist as itFabien Tassin2008-10-19
* * [mozclient] add support for gitFabien Tassin2008-10-12
* * [mozclient] fix Mercurial tags not passed during checkoutFabien Tassin2008-08-31
* * [mozclient] Add MOZCLIENT_APPNAME in order for xulrunner applications to sp...Fabien Tassin2008-06-20
* * [mozclient] add --modules|-m for modules. This is controlledFabien Tassin2008-06-18
* * [mozclient] add --embedded|-e for embedded tarballs. This is controlledFabien Tassin2008-06-18
* * Change MOZCLIENT_TAREXCLUDE to list *additional* dirs/files toFabien Tassin2008-06-13
* * Die with a stack traceFabien Tassin2008-06-13
* * Add a set_tag() method per VCSFabien Tassin2008-06-13
* * [mozclient] Fix previously ignored MOZCLIENT_WANTMOZDIR whenFabien Tassin2008-06-07
* * [mozclient] change version of all hg project to have YYYYMMDDrRRR instead ofFabien Tassin2008-06-07
* * [mozclient] run an optional package specific clean-up script. It should be ...Fabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] add optional MOZCLIENT_TAREXCLUDE to overwrite the list of dirs...Fabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] fix MozClient::VCS::pack() to only consider the toplevel dirFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] use an absolute path for as with --conf-dir i...Fabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [prism] add optional MOZCLIENT_SEPARATOR to specify what we want betweenFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] add support for svnFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] Change MOZCLIENT_CVS_LOC and MOZCLIENT_HG_LOC into a commonFabien Tassin2008-06-06
* * [mozclient] Split perl modules from main perl fileFabien Tassin2008-06-06