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* (merge lp:~bdrung/mozilla-devscripts/moz-version)Alexander Sack2009-08-10
| * - make MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG optional; if this variable is unset, the firstBenjamin Drung2009-08-06
| * implement start/end of life for comparing possible alternate binary dependency.Benjamin Drung2009-08-05
| * rename moz-version-compare to moz-version. To compare two versions you haveBenjamin Drung2009-08-04
* | * Sack2009-08-10
* * fix typo in prism target application idAlexander Sack2009-07-29
* - add thunderbird-3.0 to list of auto detected target application packagesAlexander Sack2009-07-29
* - use moz-version-compare in ${xpi:Depends} |CHECK_VERSION| callAlexander Sack2009-07-29
* * build-system:Alexander Sack2009-07-29
* - add 1.0 to list of auto detected targetAlexander Sack2009-07-29
* - add moz-version-compare helper script and ship it in extra_files; this sc...Alexander Sack2009-07-29
* - first pitch on automagic max/min version detection implemented; add a gen...Alexander Sack2009-07-27
* - add automatic xpi depends .substvars feature based on smart parsingAlexander Sack2009-07-27
* * ensure $(TEMPDIR) existance in stamp-unpack-%:Alexander Sack2009-07-27
* * move add stamp-unzip-$(XPI_BASE_FILE) to stamp-extension-install: andAlexander Sack2009-07-27
* - improve rule dependencies; avoid duplicate/circular dependsAlexander Sack2009-07-26
* * add documentation about not yet implemented variableAlexander Sack2009-07-26
* * fix bug in stamp-autolinks; append XPI_EMID to the auto link pathsAlexander Sack2009-07-26
* * Sack2009-07-26
* * [mozclient] add support for local branches instead of the configured remote...Fabien Tassin2009-01-19
* Remove firefox from MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS in src/, adjust parameter desc...Sasa Bodiroza2009-01-16
* * [mozclient] search the main nobin script in the system wide mozclientFabien Tassin2008-12-22
* * [mozclient] fix hg incorrectly requesting branchesFabien Tassin2008-11-26
* * [mozclient] move seamonkey-2.0 from cvs to hg comm-centralFabien Tassin2008-11-02
* * [mozclient] only remove REMOVED+${nobinonly}.txt if it does existFabien Tassin2008-10-19
* * [mozclient] don't run MOZCLIENT_EXCLUDE_SCRIPT if does not exist as itFabien Tassin2008-10-19
* * [xulapp] add confdefs.h and a.out to the clean ruleFabien Tassin2008-10-19
* * [mozclient] add project midbrowser (LP: #210314)Fabien Tassin2008-10-12
* * [mozclient] add support for gitFabien Tassin2008-10-12
* * [xulapp] rename variable to DEBIAN_XUL_VERFabien Tassin2008-10-11
* * [ xulapp ] allow caller to specify the xulrunner versionFabien Tassin2008-10-11
* * [xpi] add support for xpi not located in the root directory. This is neededFabien Tassin2008-09-27
* * [ compare ] search for $(DEB_BUILDDIR)/mozilla/dist/bin, neededFabien Tassin2008-09-20
* * [mozclient] move thunderbird-3.0 from cvs to hg comm-centralFabien Tassin2008-09-19
* * [mozclient] drop $(EXT), left-over from when was substedFabien Tassin2008-09-19
* * [ mozclient ] add support for external project files helping adoptionFabien Tassin2008-09-17
* * [ minefield-packager ] re-hide command when listing snapshotsFabien Tassin2008-09-17
* * [ minefield-packager ] upstream builds are now identified withFabien Tassin2008-09-17
* * [mozclient] fix Mercurial tags not passed during checkoutFabien Tassin2008-08-31
* * inject awesome-browser branding into firefox source tree byAlexander Sack2008-08-28
* * Fix output dir detection in src/med-xpi-packSasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix bug where xpi file is placed in the same dir where the unpacked extens...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix bashisms in src/med-xpi-unpackSasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix bashisms in src/med-xpi-packSasa Bodiroza2008-07-24
* * Fix src/med-xpi-pack to not check if XPI file already exists. It breaks th...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-21
* Add function usage() to src/med-xpi-unpack to print out information on error,...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08
* Add function usage() to src/med-xpi-pack to print out information on error, o...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08
* * In src/ Bodiroza2008-07-08
* Improve med-xpi-pack to not include debian/ and temp-*/ directories, and to u...Sasa Bodiroza2008-07-08
* * Add default build command to src/ Bodiroza2008-07-08