path: root/tests/dh_xul-ext/test
Commit message (Collapse)AuthorAge
* Make failed test output more visible (print in red).Matthias Schmitz2013-04-14
* dh_xul-ext: Do not generate a Breaks entry for Firefox/Iceweasel 10 or later.Benjamin Drung2012-05-23
| | | | Firefox/Iceweasel 10 defaults add-ons to compatible.
* Add a DH_XUL_EXT_VENDOR environment variable to dh_xul-ext.Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Add an --all parameter to dh_xul-ext to make packages that work with everyBenjamin Drung2011-07-09
browser they can actually work with (Closes: #610499).