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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* xpi-repack: Add --format option and document default compression format.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Use SCRIPT_NAME constant.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* Remove unused constant.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Print meaningful error message when --upstream-version is missing.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Remove temporary directory even when errors occur.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Use the tempfile module to create a secure temporary directory.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Replace built-in functions by list comprehensions.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Remove unused usage function.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Use argparse instead of getopts.Benjamin Drung2014-03-10
* xpi-repack: Fail nicely if debian/control is missing.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* Move scripts and Python modules one level up to correct installation directory.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11