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multistrap (2.2.1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Move to github with alioth copy. * Switch example mirror in usage information. (Closes: #774476) * Update for Jessie release * [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation of manpage (Closes: #756217) * Drop old crossbuild support reliant on outdated support. * Use environment variables for apt configuration instead of Dir::Etc. Patch from Pip Cet <> (Closes: #774698) [dgit import package multistrap 2.2.1]
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+Source: multistrap
+Section: utils
+Priority: optional
+Maintainer: Neil Williams <>
+Uploaders: Wookey <>
+Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 7), po4a (>= 0.37.1)
+Build-Depends-Indep: intltool
+Standards-Version: 3.9.6
+Package: multistrap
+Section: admin
+Architecture: all
+Depends: ${perl:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, apt, libconfig-auto-perl,
+ liblocale-gettext-perl, libparse-debian-packages-perl
+Suggests: fakeroot
+Description: multiple repository bootstrap based on apt
+ A debootstrap replacement with multiple repository support,
+ using apt to handle all dependency issues and conflicts.
+ .
+ Multistrap includes support for native and foreign architecture
+ bootstrap environments. Foreign bootstraps only need minimal
+ configuration on the final device. Also supports cleaning up the
+ generated bootstrap filesystem to remove downloaded packages and
+ hooks to modify the files in the bootstrap filesystem after the
+ packages have been unpacked but before being configured.
+ .
+ Unlike debootstrap, multistrap relies on working versions of
+ dpkg and apt outside the final filesystem. If dpkg supports
+ MultiArch, foreign architecture libraries can be installed,
+ where available.