Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* release 2.2.5 to unstabledebian/2.2.5Johannes Schauer2016-12-05
* Remove Neil Williams from UploadersJohannes Schauer2016-12-05
* release 2.2.4 to unstabledebian/2.2.4Johannes Schauer2016-12-04
* handle keyring download differently:Johannes Schauer2016-12-04
* Release 2.2.3 to unstabledebian/2.2.3Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* The B-D-A header doesn't make any sense without Architecture:any packages to ...Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* upload 2.2.2 to unstabledebian/2.2.2Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* Stop creating /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch (closes: #819103)Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* Allow shell special characters (including spaces) in paths (closes: #803365)Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* Allow uppercase letters in paths (closes: #751896)Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* Do not try to feed GPG keybox database version 1 files to apt (closes: #845963)Johannes Schauer2016-12-03
* Use dh_bash-completion to install bash completion scriptJohannes Schauer2016-12-03
* Switch debian/rules to dh and drop cdbsJohannes Schauer2016-12-02
* Bump debhelper compatibility level to 10Johannes Schauer2016-12-02
* Move B-D on po4a to Build-Depends-Arch (it's not needed for the clean target)Johannes Schauer2016-12-02
* Move development to dgitJohannes Schauer2016-12-02
* New maintainerJohannes Schauer2016-12-02
* multistrap (2.2.1) unstable; urgency=mediumNeil Williams2015-05-03