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* Update the name.Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Point Vcs-* to dgit.Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Update the Homepage.Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Add Vcs-*.Andrew Shadura2013-03-20
* Update Maintainer field, use a better short description.Andrew Shadura2013-03-20
* The package is arch-all.Andrew Shadura2012-08-15
* Bump S-VAndrew Shadura2012-08-15
* Calculate dependencies properly.Andrew Shadura2012-08-15
* Set myself as the maintainer.Andrew Shadura2012-08-15
* Fix the Homepage field.Andrew Shadura2012-08-15
* Use short form of dh9.Andrew Shadura2012-08-15
* Add initial packaging by GRML project.Andrew Shadura2012-08-15