BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix spelling errors detected by lintian and mwic.Carlos Maddela11 months
archive/debian/0.9.7+orig-6commit 23a560a727...Carlos Maddela11 months
debian/0.9.7+orig-6commit 3ca5c3d37e...Carlos Maddela11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-29Fix spelling errors detected by lintian and mwic.HEADarchive/debian/0.9.7+orig-6masterCarlos Maddela
2018-12-29Fix buffer overruns.Carlos Maddela
2018-12-29If started in read-only mode, keep this mode for subsequent files too.Carlos Maddela
2018-12-29Don't prompt about quitting without saving if file is unmodified.Carlos Maddela
2018-12-29Fix compilation warnings.Carlos Maddela
2018-12-29Generate an INFO-DIR-SECTION without ".info" for info file.Carlos Maddela
2018-12-29Fix conflicting definitions of ncurses' WINDOWCarlos Maddela
2018-12-29Update autoconf files for version 2.69.Carlos Maddela
2018-12-29Fix segfault when searching for text that isn't in the file being viewed.Jake Hilmer
2018-12-29Remove references to hexedit from man page.Manfred Lichtenstern