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+This directory contains add-ons to Org-mode.
+These contributions are not part of GNU Emacs or of the official Org-mode
+package. But the git repository for Org-mode is glad to provide useful way
+to distribute and develop them as long as they are distributed under a free
+software license.
+Please put your contribution in one of these directories:
+LISP (emacs-lisp code)
+htmlize.el --- Convert buffer text and decorations to HTML
+org2rem.el --- Convert org appointments into reminders
+org-annotate-file.el --- Annotate a file with org syntax
+org-bibtex-extras.el --- Extras for working with org-bibtex entries
+org-bookmark.el --- Links to bookmarks
+org-checklist.el --- org functions for checklist handling
+org-choose.el --- Use TODO keywords to mark decision states
+org-collector.el --- Collect properties into tables
+org-contacts --- Contacts management
+org-contribdir.el --- Dummy file to mark the org contrib Lisp directory
+org-depend.el --- TODO dependencies for Org-mode
+org-drill.el --- Self-testing with org-learn
+org-element.el --- Parser and applications for Org syntax
+org-elisp-symbol.el --- Org links to emacs-lisp symbols
+org-eval.el --- The <lisp> tag, adapted from Muse
+org-eval-light.el --- Evaluate in-buffer code on demand
+org-exp-bibtex.el --- Export citations to LaTeX and HTML
+org-expiry.el --- Expiry mechanism for Org entries
+org-export.el --- Generic Export Engine For Org
+org-export-generic.el --- Export framework for configurable backends
+org-git-link.el --- Provide org links to specific file version
+org-interactive-query.el --- Interactive modification of tags query
+org-invoice.el --- Help manage client invoices in OrgMode
+org-jira.el --- Add a jira:ticket protocol to Org
+org-learn.el --- SuperMemo's incremental learning algorithm
+org-mac-iCal.el --- Imports events from to the Emacs diary
+org-mac-link-grabber.el --- Grab links and URLs from various Mac applications
+org-mairix.el --- Hook mairix search into Org for different MUAs
+org-man.el --- Support for links to manpages in Org-mode
+org-mime.el --- org html export for text/html MIME emails
+org-mtags.el --- Support for some Muse-like tags in Org-mode
+org-notify.el --- Notifications for Org-mode
+org-notmuch.el --- Support for links to notmuch messages
+org-panel.el --- Simple routines for us with bad memory
+org-registry.el --- A registry for Org links
+org-screen.el --- Visit screen sessions through Org-mode links
+org-secretary.el --- Team management with org-mode
+org-static-mathjax.el --- Muse-like tags in Org-mode
+org-sudoku.el --- Create and solve SUDOKU puzzles in Org tables
+orgtbl-sqlinsert.el --- Convert Org-mode tables to SQL insertions
+org-toc.el --- Table of contents for Org-mode buffer
+org-track.el --- Keep up with Org development
+org-velocity.el --- something like Notational Velocity for Org
+org-wikinodes.el --- CamelCase wiki-like links for Org
+org-export.el --- the new export engine
+org-e-latex.el --- LaTeX export backend
+org-e-ascii.el --- ASCII export backend
+org-e-beamer.el --- Beamer export backend
+org-e-groff.el --- Groff export backend
+org-e-html.el --- HTML export backend
+org-e-man.el --- man pages export backend
+org-e-odt.el --- ODT export backend
+org-e-texinfo.el --- TeXinfo export backend
+org-md.el --- MarkDown export backend
+===== --- Documentation for the library of babel
+langs/ob-fomus.el --- Org-babel functions for fomus evaluation
+langs/ob-oz.el --- Org-babel functions for Oz evaluation
+ODT (OpenDocumentText)
+====================== --- Legacy documentation for Org ODT exporter
+SCRIPTS (shell, bash, etc.)
+dir2org.zsh --- Org compatible fs structure output
+ditaa.jar --- ASCII to PNG converter by Stathis Sideris, GPL
+org2hpda --- Generate hipster pda style printouts from Org-mode --- docco side-by-side annotated code export to HTML
+StartOzServer.oz --- implements the Oz-side of the Org-babel Oz interface
+staticmathjax --- XULRunner application to process MathJax statically
+This directory also contains supporting files for the following
+packages: ob-oz.el,, and org-static-mathjax.el.