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+;;; org-mairix.el - Support for hooking mairix search into Org for different MUAs
+;; Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Georg C. F. Greve
+;; mutt support by Adam Spiers <orgmode at adamspiers dot org>
+;; Author: Georg C. F. Greve <greve at fsfeurope dot org>
+;; Keywords: outlines, hypermedia, calendar, wp, email, mairix
+;; Purpose: Integrate mairix email searching into Org mode
+;; See and
+;; Version: 0.5
+;; This file is Free Software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
+;; any later version.
+;; It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
+;; ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
+;; License for more details.
+;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
+;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
+;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
+;; You will need to configure mairix first, which involves setting up your
+;; .mairixrc in your home directory. Once it is working, you should set up
+;; your way to display results in your favorite way -- usually a MUA.
+;; Currently gnus and mutt are supported.
+;; After both steps are done, all you should need to hook mairix, org
+;; and your MUA together is to do (require 'org-mairix) in your
+;; startup file. Everything can then be configured normally through
+;; Emacs customisation.
+(require 'org)
+;;; The custom variables
+(defgroup org-mairix nil
+ "Mairix support/integration in org."
+ :tag "Org Mairix"
+ :group 'org)
+(defcustom org-mairix-threaded-links t
+ "Should new links be created as threaded links?
+If t, links will be stored as threaded searches.
+If nil, links will be stored as non-threaded searches."
+ :group 'org-mairix
+ :type 'boolean)
+(defcustom org-mairix-augmented-links nil
+ "Should new links be created as augmenting searches?
+If t, links will be stored as augmenting searches.
+If nil, links will be stored as normal searches.
+Attention: When activating this option, you will need
+to remove old articles from your mairix results group
+in some other way, mairix will not do it for you."
+ :group 'org-mairix
+ :type 'boolean)
+(defcustom org-mairix-display-hook 'org-mairix-gnus-display-results
+ "Hook to call to display the results of a successful mairix search.
+Defaults to Gnus, feel free to add your own MUAs or methods."
+ :group 'org-mairix
+ :type 'hook)
+(defcustom org-mairix-open-command "mairix %args% '%search%'"
+ "The mairix command-line to use. If your paths are set up
+correctly, you should not need to change this.
+'%search%' will get substituted with the search expression, and
+'%args%' with any additional arguments."
+ :group 'org-mairix
+ :type 'string)
+;;; The hooks to integrate mairix into org
+(org-add-link-type "mairix" 'org-mairix-open)
+(add-hook 'org-store-link-functions 'org-mairix-store-gnus-link)
+;;; Generic org-mairix functions
+(defun org-mairix-construct-link (message-id)
+ "Construct a mairix: hyperlink based on message-id."
+ (concat "mairix:"
+ (if org-mairix-threaded-links "t:")
+ (if org-mairix-augmented-links "a:")
+ "@@"
+ (org-remove-angle-brackets message-id)))
+(defun org-store-mairix-link-props (&rest plist)
+ "Take a property list describing a mail, and add mairix link
+and description properties so that org can build a mairix link to
+ ;; We have to call `org-store-link-props' twice:
+ ;;
+ ;; - It extracts 'fromname'/'fromaddress' from 'from' property,
+ ;; and stores the updated plist to `org-store-link-plist'.
+ ;;
+ ;; - `org-email-link-description' uses these new properties to
+ ;; build a description from the previously stored plist. I
+ ;; wrote a tiny patch to `org-email-link-description' so it
+ ;; could take a non-stored plist as an optional 2nd argument,
+ ;; but the plist provided still needs 'fromname'/'fromaddress'.
+ ;;
+ ;; - Ideally we would decouple the storing bit of
+ ;; `org-store-link-props' from the extraction bit, but lots of
+ ;; stuff in `org-store-link' which calls it would need to be
+ ;; changed. Maybe just factor out the extraction so it can be
+ ;; reused separately?
+ (let ((mid (plist-get plist :message-id)))
+ (apply 'org-store-link-props
+ (append plist
+ (list :type "mairix"
+ :link (org-mairix-construct-link mid))))
+ (apply 'org-store-link-props
+ (append org-store-link-plist
+ (list :description (org-email-link-description))))))
+(defun org-mairix-message-send-and-exit-with-link ()
+ "Function that can be assigned as an alternative sending function,
+it sends the message and then stores a mairix link to it before burying
+the buffer just like 'message-send-and-exit' does."
+ (interactive)
+ (message-send)
+ (let* ((message-id (message-fetch-field "Message-Id"))
+ (subject (message-fetch-field "Subject"))
+ (link (org-mairix-construct-link message-id))
+ (desc (concat "Email: '" subject "'")))
+ (setq org-stored-links
+ (cons (list link desc) org-stored-links)))
+ (message-bury (current-buffer)))
+(defun org-mairix-open (search)
+ "Function to open mairix link.
+We first need to split it into its individual parts, and then
+extract the message-id to be passed on to the display function
+before call mairix, evaluate the number of matches returned, and
+make sure to only call display of mairix succeeded in matching."
+ (let* ((args ""))
+ (if (equal (substring search 0 2) "t:" )
+ (progn (setq search (substring search 2 nil))
+ (setq args (concat args " --threads"))))
+ (if (equal (substring search 0 2) "a:")
+ (progn (setq search (substring search 2 nil))
+ (setq args (concat args " --augment"))))
+ (let ((cmdline (org-mairix-command-substitution
+ org-mairix-open-command search args)))
+ (print cmdline)
+ (setq retval (shell-command-to-string cmdline))
+ (string-match "\[0-9\]+" retval)
+ (setq matches (string-to-number (match-string 0 retval)))
+ (if (eq matches 0) (message "Link failed: no matches, sorry")
+ (message "Link returned %d matches" matches)
+ (run-hook-with-args 'org-mairix-display-hook search args)))))
+(defun org-mairix-command-substitution (cmd search args)
+ "Substitute '%search%' and '%args% in mairix search command."
+ (while (string-match "%search%" cmd)
+ (setq cmd (replace-match search 'fixedcase 'literal cmd)))
+ (while (string-match "%args%" cmd)
+ (setq cmd (replace-match args 'fixedcase 'literal cmd)))
+ cmd)
+;;; Functions necessary for integration of external MUAs.
+;; Of course we cannot call `org-store-link' from within an external
+;; MUA, so we need some other way of storing a link for later
+;; retrieval by org-mode and/or remember-mode. To do this we use a
+;; temporary file as a kind of dedicated clipboard.
+(defcustom org-mairix-link-clipboard "~/.org-mairix-link"
+ "Pseudo-clipboard file where mairix URLs get copied to by external
+applications in order to mimic `org-store-link'. Used by
+ :group 'org-mairix
+ :type 'string)
+;; When we resolve some of the issues with `org-store-link' detailed
+;; at <>,
+;; we might not need org-mairix-insert-link.
+(defun org-mairix-insert-link ()
+ "Insert link from file defined by `org-mairix-link-clipboard'."
+ (interactive)
+ (let ((bytes (cadr (insert-file-contents
+ (expand-file-name org-mairix-link-clipboard)))))
+ (forward-char bytes)
+ (save-excursion
+ (forward-char -1)
+ (if (looking-at "\n")
+ (delete-char 1)))))
+;;; Functions necessary for mutt integration
+(defgroup org-mairix-mutt nil
+ "Use mutt for mairix support in org."
+ :tag "Org Mairix Mutt"
+ :group 'org-mairix)
+(defcustom org-mairix-mutt-display-command
+ "xterm -title 'mairix search: %search%' -e 'unset COLUMNS; mutt -f
+~/mail/mairix -e \"push <display-message>\"' &"
+ "Command to execute to display mairix search results via mutt within
+an xterm.
+'%search%' will get substituted with the search expression, and
+'%args%' with any additional arguments used in the search."
+ :group 'org-mairix-mutt
+ :type 'string)
+(defun org-mairix-mutt-display-results (search args)
+ "Display results of mairix search in mutt, using the command line
+defined in `org-mairix-mutt-display-command'."
+ ;; By default, async `shell-command' invocations display the temp
+ ;; buffer, which is annoying here. We choose a deterministic
+ ;; buffer name so we can hide it again immediately.
+ ;; Note: `call-process' is synchronous so not useful here.
+ (let ((cmd (org-mairix-command-substitution
+ org-mairix-mutt-display-command search args))
+ (tmpbufname (generate-new-buffer-name " *mairix-view*")))
+ (shell-command cmd tmpbufname)
+ (delete-windows-on (get-buffer tmpbufname))))
+;;; Functions necessary for gnus integration
+(defgroup org-mairix-gnus nil
+ "Use gnus for mairix support in org."
+ :tag "Org Mairix Gnus"
+ :group 'org-mairix)
+(defcustom org-mairix-gnus-results-group "nnmaildir:mairix"
+ "The group that is configured to hold the mairix search results,
+which needs to be setup independently of the org-mairix integration,
+along with general mairix configuration."
+ :group 'org-mairix-gnus
+ :type 'string)
+(defcustom org-mairix-gnus-select-display-group-function
+ "Hook to call to select the group that contains the matching articles.
+We should not need this, it is owed to a problem of gnus that people were
+not yet able to figure out, see
+for reference.
+It seems gnus needs a 'forget/ignore everything you think you
+know about that group' function. Volunteers?"
+ :group 'org-mairix-gnus
+ :type 'hook)
+(defun org-mairix-store-gnus-link ()
+ "Store a link to the current gnus message as a Mairix search for its
+Message ID."
+ ;; gnus integration
+ (when (memq major-mode '(gnus-summary-mode gnus-article-mode))
+ (and (eq major-mode 'gnus-article-mode) (gnus-article-show-summary))
+ (let* ((article (gnus-summary-article-number))
+ (header (gnus-summary-article-header article))
+ (from (mail-header-from header))
+ (message-id (mail-header-id header))
+ (subject (gnus-summary-subject-string)))
+ (org-store-mairix-link-props :from from
+ :subject subject
+ :message-id message-id))))
+(defun org-mairix-gnus-display-results (search args)
+ "Display results of mairix search in Gnus.
+Note: This does not work as cleanly as I would like it to. The
+problem being that Gnus should simply reread the group cleanly,
+without remembering anything. At the moment it seems to be unable
+to do that -- so you're likely to see zombies floating around.
+If you can improve this, please do!"
+ (if (not (equal (substring search 0 2) "m:" ))
+ (error "org-mairix-gnus-display-results: display of search other than
+message-id not implemented yet"))
+ (setq message-id (substring search 2 nil))
+ (require 'gnus)
+ (require 'gnus-sum)
+ ;; FIXME: (bzg/gg) We might need to make sure gnus is running here,
+ ;; and to start it in case it isn't running already. Does
+ ;; anyone know a function to do that? It seems main org mode
+ ;; does not do this, either.
+ (funcall (cdr (assq 'gnus org-link-frame-setup)))
+ (if gnus-other-frame-object (select-frame gnus-other-frame-object))
+ ;; FIXME: This is horribly broken. Please see
+ ;;
+ ;;
+ ;;
+ ;; for reference.
+ ;;
+ ;; It seems gnus needs a "forget/ignore everything you think you
+ ;; know about that group" function. Volunteers?
+ ;;
+ ;; For now different methods seem to work differently well for
+ ;; different people. So we're playing hook-selection here to make
+ ;; it easy to play around until we found a proper solution.
+ (run-hook-with-args 'org-mairix-gnus-select-display-group-function)
+ (gnus-summary-select-article
+ nil t t (car (gnus-find-matching-articles "message-id" message-id))))
+(defun org-mairix-gnus-select-display-group-function-gg ()
+ "Georg's hack to select a group that gnus (falsely) believes to be
+empty to then call rebuilding of the summary. It leaves zombies of
+old searches around, though."
+ (gnus-group-quick-select-group 0 org-mairix-gnus-results-group)
+ (gnus-group-clear-data)
+ (gnus-summary-reselect-current-group t t))
+(defun org-mairix-gnus-select-display-group-function-bzg ()
+ "This is the classic way the org mode is using, and it seems to be
+using better for Bastien, so it may work for you."
+ (gnus-group-clear-data org-mairix-gnus-results-group)
+ (gnus-group-read-group t nil org-mairix-gnus-results-group))
+(provide 'org-mairix)
+;;; org-mairix.el ends here