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+Static MathJax v0.1 README
+#+AUTHOR: Jan Böcker <>
+Static MathJax is a XULRunner application which loads a HTML input
+file that uses MathJax into a browser, waits until MathJax is done
+processing, and then writes the formatted result to an output HTML
+I have only tested exports from Emacs Org-mode as input files. (As of
+2010-08-14, MathJax is used by default with HTML exports in the
+current Org development version.)
+Optionally, references to the math fonts used will be converted to
+"data:" URIs, thus embedding the font data into the HTML file itself.
+(see [[]])
+The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License version
+2, or, at your option, any later version.
+* Usage
+ To run Static MathJax, an existing XULRunner installation is
+ required. From the directory to which you unpacked Static MathJax,
+ run:
+ xulrunner application.ini <--embed-fonts | --final-mathjax-url <URL>>
+ <input file> <output file>
+ If you prefer to call "staticmathjax" instead of "xulrunner
+ application.ini", link xulrunner-stub into the directory:
+ ln /usr/lib/xulrunner- ./staticmathjax
+ - input file ::
+ name of the input file (the result of a HTML export
+ from Org-mode). It is assumed that this file uses the
+ UTF-8 character encoding.
+ - output file ::
+ name of the output file.
+ - --embed-fonts ::
+ if specified, the math fonts will be embedded into
+ the output file using data: URIs
+ - --final-mathjax-url <URL> ::
+ if --embed-fonts is not specified, this
+ must be the URL to a MathJax installation folder (e.g. "MathJax"
+ if MathJax is installed in a subdirectory, or
+ "" to use the version hosted on the Org
+ website.
+ All references to math fonts in the output file will point to
+ this directory.
+* Caveats
+ The input file must not use a MathJax installation on the
+ web. Otherwise, due to a security feature of Firefox, MathJax will
+ fallback to image fonts. If you have unpacked MathJax to a
+ subdirectory "MathJax", specify the following in your Org file:
+ #+MathJax: path:"MathJax"
+ The math is rendered in Firefox, so MathJax applies its
+ Firefox-specific settings. When viewing the output files in other
+ browsers, it will look slightly different than the result that
+ running MathJax in that browser would produce.
+ Internet Explorer does not use the correct font, because it only
+ supports the EOT font format. For all other browsers (including
+ Firefox), MathJax uses the OTF font format.
+ Embedding fonts into the HTML file wastes some space due to the
+ base64 encoding used in data: URIs.
+ I have found no way to access stdout or set an exit code in an
+ XULRunner app, so any code which calls Static MathJax has no idea if
+ processing was successful and when an error occurs, graphical
+ message boxes are displayed.