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@@ -116,7 +116,9 @@ to create inbox items in Org. Each entry is a list with the following items:
name a custom name for this feed
URL the Feed URL
-file the target Org file where entries should be listed
+file the target Org file where entries should be listed, when
+ nil the target becomes the current buffer (may be an
+ indirect buffer) each time the feed update is invoked
headline the headline under which entries should be listed
Additional arguments can be given using keyword-value pairs. Many of these
@@ -215,10 +217,7 @@ Here are the keyword-value pair allows in `org-feed-alist'.
(defcustom org-feed-drawer "FEEDSTATUS"
"The name of the drawer for feed status information.
Each feed may also specify its own drawer name using the `:drawer'
-parameter in `org-feed-alist'.
-Note that in order to make these drawers behave like drawers, they must
-be added to the variable `org-drawers' or configured with a #+DRAWERS
+parameter in `org-feed-alist'."
:group 'org-feed
:type '(string :tag "Drawer Name"))
@@ -299,7 +298,8 @@ it can be a list structured like an entry in `org-feed-alist'."
(catch 'exit
(let ((name (car feed))
(url (nth 1 feed))
- (file (nth 2 feed))
+ (file (or (nth 2 feed) (buffer-file-name (or (buffer-base-buffer)
+ (current-buffer)))))
(headline (nth 3 feed))
(filter (nth 1 (memq :filter feed)))
(formatter (nth 1 (memq :formatter feed)))