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;;; ox-beamer.el --- Beamer Back-End for Org Export Engine
-;; Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+;; Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Carsten Dominik <carsten.dominik AT gmail DOT com>
;; Nicolas Goaziou <n.goaziou AT gmail DOT com>
;; Keywords: org, wp, tex
+;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
@@ -23,93 +25,7 @@
;; This library implements both a Beamer back-end, derived from the
;; LaTeX one and a minor mode easing structure edition of the
-;; document.
-;; Depending on the desired output format, three commands are provided
-;; for export: `org-beamer-export-as-latex' (temporary buffer),
-;; `org-beamer-export-to-latex' ("tex" file) and
-;; `org-beamer-export-to-pdf' ("pdf" file).
-;; This back-end supports every buffer keyword, attribute and options
-;; items (see `org-latex-options-alist') already supported by `latex'
-;; back-end. As such, it is suggested to add an entry in
-;; `org-latex-classes' variable which is appropriate for Beamer
-;; export.
-;; On top of this, the `beamer' back-end also introduces the following
-;; "BEAMER_HEADER". All but the latter accept options in square
-;; brackets.
-;; Moreover, headlines now fall into three categories: sectioning
-;; elements, frames and blocks.
-;; - Headlines become frames when their level is equal to
-;; `org-beamer-frame-level' (or "H" value in the OPTIONS line).
-;; Though, if a headline in the current tree has a "BEAMER_env"
-;; (see below) property set to either "frame" or "fullframe", its
-;; level overrides the variable. A "fullframe" is a frame with an
-;; empty (ignored) title.
-;; - All frames' children become block environments. Special block
-;; types can be enforced by setting headline's "BEAMER_env" property
-;; to an appropriate value (see `org-beamer-environments-default'
-;; for supported value and `org-beamer-environments-extra' for
-;; adding more).
-;; - As a special case, if the "BEAMER_env" property is set to either
-;; "appendix", "note", "noteNH" or "againframe", the headline will
-;; become, respectively, an appendix, a note (within frame or
-;; between frame, depending on its level), a note with its title
-;; ignored or an againframe command. In the latter case,
-;; a "BEAMER_ref" property is mandatory in order to refer to the
-;; frame being resumed, and contents are ignored.
-;; Also, a headline with an "ignoreheading" environment will have
-;; its contents only inserted in the output. This special value is
-;; useful to have data between frames, or to properly close
-;; a "column" environment.
-;; Along with "BEAMER_env", headlines also support the "BEAMER_act"
-;; and "BEAMER_opt" properties. The former is translated as an
-;; overlay/action specification (or a default overlay specification
-;; when enclosed within square brackets) whereas the latter specifies
-;; options for the current frame ("fragile" option is added
-;; automatically, though).
-;; Moreover, headlines handle the "BEAMER_col" property. Its value
-;; should be a decimal number representing the width of the column as
-;; a fraction of the total text width. If the headline has no
-;; specific environment, its title will be ignored and its contents
-;; will fill the column created. Otherwise, the block will fill the
-;; whole column and the title will be preserved. Two contiguous
-;; headlines with a non-nil "BEAMER_col" value share the same
-;; "columns" LaTeX environment. It will end before the next headline
-;; without such a property. This environment is generated
-;; automatically. Although, it can also be explicitly created, with
-;; a special "columns" value for "BEAMER_env" property (if it needs to
-;; be set up with some specific options, for example).
-;; Every plain list has support for `:environment', `:overlay' and
-;; `:options' attributes (through ATTR_BEAMER affiliated keyword).
-;; The first one allows to use a different environment, the second
-;; sets overlay specifications and the last one inserts optional
-;; arguments in current list environment.
-;; Table of contents generated from "toc:t" option item are wrapped
-;; within a "frame" environment. Those generated from a TOC keyword
-;; aren't. TOC keywords accept options enclosed within square
-;; brackets (e.g. #+TOC: headlines [currentsection]).
-;; Eventually, an export snippet with a value enclosed within angular
-;; brackets put at the beginning of an element or object whose type is
-;; among `bold', `item', `link', `radio-target' and `target' will
-;; control its overlay specifications.
-;; On the minor mode side, `org-beamer-select-environment' (bound by
-;; default to "C-c C-b") and `org-beamer-insert-options-template' are
-;; the two entry points.
+;; document. See Org manual for more information.
;;; Code:
@@ -444,13 +360,32 @@ INFO is a plist used as a communication channel."
"Format HEADLINE as a sectioning part.
CONTENTS holds the contents of the headline. INFO is a plist
used as a communication channel."
- ;; Use `latex' back-end output, inserting overlay specifications
- ;; if possible.
- (let ((latex-headline (org-export-with-backend 'latex headline contents info))
+ (let ((latex-headline
+ (org-export-with-backend
+ ;; We create a temporary export back-end which behaves the
+ ;; same as current one, but adds "\protect" in front of the
+ ;; output of some objects.
+ (org-export-create-backend
+ :parent 'latex
+ :transcoders
+ (let ((protected-output
+ (function
+ (lambda (object contents info)
+ (let ((code (org-export-with-backend
+ 'beamer object contents info)))
+ (if (org-string-nw-p code) (concat "\\protect" code)
+ code))))))
+ (mapcar #'(lambda (type) (cons type protected-output))
+ '(bold footnote-reference italic strike-through timestamp
+ underline))))
+ headline
+ contents
+ info))
(mode-specs (org-element-property :BEAMER_ACT headline)))
(if (and mode-specs
(string-match "\\`\\\\\\(.*?\\)\\(?:\\*\\|\\[.*\\]\\)?{"
+ ;; Insert overlay specifications.
(replace-match (concat (match-string 1 latex-headline)
(format "<%s>" mode-specs))
nil nil latex-headline 1)