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@@ -4134,8 +4134,29 @@ objects of the same type."
((funcall predicate el info) (incf counter) nil)))
info 'first-match)))))
-;;;; For Src-Blocks
+;;;; For Special Blocks
+;; `org-export-raw-special-block-p' check if current special block is
+;; an "export block", i.e., a block whose contents should be inserted
+;; as-is in the output. This should generally be the first check to
+;; do when handling special blocks in the export back-end.
+(defun org-export-raw-special-block-p (element info &optional no-inheritance)
+ "Non-nil if ELEMENT is an export block relatively to current back-end.
+An export block is a special block whose contents should be
+included as-is in the final output. Such blocks are defined
+through :export-block property in `org-export-define-backend',
+which see."
+ (and (eq (org-element-type element) 'special-block)
+ (let ((type (org-element-property :type element))
+ (b (plist-get info :back-end)))
+ (if no-inheritance (member type (org-export-backend-blocks b))
+ (while (and b (not (member type (org-export-backend-blocks b))))
+ (setq b (org-export-get-backend (org-export-backend-parent b))))
+ b))))
+;;;; For Src Blocks
;; `org-export-get-loc' counts number of code lines accumulated in
;; src-block or example-block elements with a "+n" switch until