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Relevant BUGIDs: 476971
Purpose of commit: documentation Commit summary: --------------- typo/correctness fixes from Nalin.
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@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ bug report - outstanding bugs are listed here:
0.76: please submit patches for this section with actual code/doc
+* README fix for pam_unix from Nalin (Bug 476971 - agmorgan).
* add support for building pdf files from the documentation - request
from 'lolive' (Bug 471377 - agmorgan).
* documented the equivalent '[..]' expressions for "required"
diff --git a/modules/pam_unix/README b/modules/pam_unix/README
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-This is the README for pam_unix in Linux-PAM-0.67.
-pam_unix now comes as one module
+pam_unix comes as one module
The following links are left for compatibility with old versions:
pam_unix_auth: authentication module providing
@@ -15,14 +12,14 @@ pam_unix_passwd: password updating facilities providing
The following options are recognized:
debug - log more debugging info
audit - a little more extreme than debug
- use_first_pass - don 't prompt the user for passwords
+ use_first_pass - don't prompt the user for passwords
take them from PAM_ items instead
- try_first_pass - don 't prompt the user for the passwords
+ try_first_pass - don't prompt the user for the passwords
unless PAM_(OLD)AUTHTOK is unset
use_authtok - like try_first_pass, but * fail * if the new
PAM_AUTHTOK has not been previously set.
(intended for stacking password modules only)
- not_set_pass - don 't set the PAM_ items with the passwords
+ not_set_pass - don't set the PAM_ items with the passwords
used by this module.
shadow - try to maintian a shadow based system.
md5 - when a user changes their password next,
@@ -36,4 +33,3 @@ The following options are recognized:
/etc/security/opasswd in MD5 crypted form
invalid arguments are logged to syslog.