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Relevant BUGIDs: 131192
Purpose of commit: documentation Commit summary: --------------- added some links to sample module code (into the CVS repository).
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@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ libpam. Prior versions were buggy - see bugfix for Bug 129775.
+* added a link to module examples from the module writers doc (Bug
+ 131192 - agmorgan).
* fixed a small security hole (more of a user confusion issue) with
the unix and pwdb password helper binaries. The beef is described in
the bug report, but no uid change was possible so no-one should
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- Copyright (c) Andrew G. Morgan 1996-9. All rights reserved.
+ Copyright (c) Andrew G. Morgan 1996-2001. All rights reserved.
** some sections, in this document, were contributed by other
** authors. They carry individual copyrights.
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ DAMAGE.
<title>The Linux-PAM Module Writers' Guide
<author>Andrew G. Morgan, <tt></tt>
-<date>DRAFT v0.75 2001/02/04
+<date>DRAFT v0.75 2001/02/10
This manual documents what a programmer needs to know in order to
write a module that conforms to the <bf/Linux-PAM/ standard. It also
@@ -1294,13 +1294,22 @@ endif
For some further examples, see the <tt>modules</tt> subdirectory of
the current <bf/Linux-PAM/ distribution.
<sect>An example module file
-perhaps this should point to a place in the file structure!?
+At some point, we may include a fully commented example of a module in
+this document. For now, we point the reader to these two locations in
+the public CVS repository:
+<item> A module that always succeeds: <tt><htmlurl
+<item> A module that always fails: <tt><htmlurl