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Relevant BUGIDs: none
Purpose of commit: bugfix Commit summary: --------------- pam_vsyslog: Restore errno after each asprintf. misc_conv.c: don't use special control characters, non-ascii terminal can run into problems with them. de.po: Translate some more strings. *.po: Adjust translations for misc_conv.c.
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@@ -16,29 +16,10 @@ TODO:
- verify that the PAM_INCOMPLETE interface works (auth seems ok..)
- add PAM_INCOMPLETE support to modules (partially added to pam_pwdb)
- work on RFC.
- - do we still need to remove openlog/closelog from modules..?
- auth and acct support in pam_cracklib, "yes, I know the password
you just typed was valid, I just don't think it was very strong..."
-Note, as of release 0.73, all checkins should be accompanied with a
-Bug ID. The bug IDs relate to sourceforge IDs.. (Of course, nothing is
-ever that simple. It turns out that at some point in Sourceforge's
-history all of the bug ids got bumped by 100000, so pretty much if you
-see a bug ID below that begins with a '1' and your attempted query
-fails, try adding 100000 to the number and trying again. I believe
-this only affects bugs before release 0.76.)
-You can query the related bug description with the following URL:
-Where you should replace XXXXXX with a bug-id.
-For general documentation completion work, I'm doing it all with
-respect to specific tasks. Open tasks are listed here:
If you have found a bug in Linux-PAM (including a documentation bug,
or a new feature request and/or patch), please consider filing such a
@@ -48,14 +29,6 @@ bug report - outstanding bugs are listed here:
(to file another bug see the 'submit bug' button on that page).
-There is now a second bug tracking system for Linux-PAM on BerliOS.
-You can find the list of outstanding bugs on BerliOS here:
-BerliOS Bugs are marked with (BerliOS #XXXX).
0.81: please submit patches for this section with actual code/doc