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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- Add framework for manpages in xml source Fix --enable-static-modules 2006-01-24 Thorsten Kukuk <> * libpam/pam_static_modules.h: New. * Reorder subdirectories for static modules. * Add --enable-static-modules option. * libpam/ Define WITH_SELINUX and WITH_PWDB if necessary, add pam_static_modules.h, link against all PAM module object files if STATIC_MODULES is defined. * libpam/pam_static.c: Remove old _static_module* includes, include pam_static_modules.h. * Add checks for xsltproc, xmllint and docbook xsl stylesheet. * m4/jh_path_xml_catalog.m4: New.
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@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Linux-PAM NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.
* Fix building of static variants of libpam, libpamc and libpam_misc
* pam_listfile: Add support for password and session management
* pam_exec: New PAM module to execute arbitary commands
+* Fix building of a static libpam including all PAM modules