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Drop stale content from README.debian: some of this should have been in
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+PAM for Debian
PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) provides system administrators with a
@@ -11,26 +11,3 @@ Application Developers' Guide" and "The Linux-PAM Module Writers' Guide".
The Debian default configuration is to emulate the old UNIX authentication.
-The Debian PAM packages live at svn:// The
-current version is in the trunk directory; previous versions live in
-the tags directory.
-Changes Since Debian 3.0
-The pam_securetty module used to prompt for a password when it was
-going to fail access. This Debian-specific patch defeats one of the
-key uses of this module: to deny access to privileged accounts soon
-enough in the PAM stack that the password is never requested and is
-not compromised over insecure network links. If you want to ask for
-the password use required not requisite in your PAM config.
-Previously, pam_rhosts allowed the .rhosts file to be a symlink. This
-was a debian specific change that has been dropped because it is not
-the upstream behavior nor is it the documented behavior of ruserok(3).
-Similarly, pam_listfile used to allow the user file to be a symlink.
-This is no longer allowed because upstream seems to be against the
-change. Please see discussion started by Sam Hartman on during the May 2002 time frame.