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-.\" Hey Emacs! This file is -*- nroff -*- source.
-.\" $Id$
-.\" Copyright (c) Andrew G. Morgan 1996-7 <>
-.TH PAM_AUTHENTICATE 3 "1996 Dec 9" "Linux-PAM 0.55" "App. Programmers' Manual"
-pam_authenticate \- authenticate a user
-.B #include <security/pam_appl.h>
-.BI "int pam_authenticate(pam_handle_t " *pamh ", int " flags ");"
-.sp 2
-.B pam_authenticate
-Use this function to authenticate an applicant user. It is linked
-.I dynamically
-to the authentication modules by
-.BR Linux-PAM ". "
-It is the task of these module to perform such an authentication. The
-specific nature of the authentication is not the concern of the
-Following successful completion, the
-.BR name
-of the authenticated user will be present in the
-.BR Linux-PAM
-.BR PAM_USER ". "
-This item may be recovered with a call to
-.BR pam_get_item "(3)."
-The application developer should note that the modules may request
-that the user enter their username via the conversation mechanism (see
-.BR pam_start "(3))."
-Should this be the case, the user-prompt string can be set via
-item (see
-.BR pam_set_item "(3))."
-On success
-is returned. All other returns should be considered
-authentication failures and will be
-.I delayed
-by an amount specified with prior calls to
-.BR pam_fail_delay "(3). "
-Specific failures that demand special attention are the following:
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+.TH "PAM_AUTHENTICATE" "3" "02/12/2006" "Linux\-PAM Manual" "Linux\-PAM Manual"
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+pam_authenticate \- account authentication
+\fB#include <security/pam_appl.h>\fR
+.HP 21
+\fBint\ \fBpam_authenticate\fR\fR\fB(\fR\fBpam_handle_t\ *\fR\fB\fIpamh\fR\fR\fB, \fR\fBint\ \fR\fB\fIflags\fR\fR\fB);\fR
+function is used to authenticate the user. The user is required to provide an authentication token depending upon the authentication service, usually this is a password, but could also be a finger print.
+The PAM service module may request that the user enter their username vio the the conversation mechanism (see
+\fBpam_conv\fR(3)). The name of the authenticated user will be present in the PAM item PAM_USER. This item may be recovered with a call to
+argument is an authentication handle obtained by a prior call to pam_start(). The flags argument is the binary or of zero or more of the following values:
+Do not emit any messages.
+The PAM module service should return PAM_AUTH_ERR if the user does not have a registered authentication token.
+The application should exit immediately after calling
+The user was not authenticated.
-the application should exit immediately. Of course,
-.BR pam_end "(3)"
-should be called first.
+For some reason the application does not have sufficient credentials to authenticate the user.
-the application has tried too many times to authenticate the
-user, authentication should not be attempted again.
-May be translated to text with
-.BR pam_strerror "(3). "
-DCE-RFC 86.0, October 1995.
-.sp 2
-none known.
+The modules were not able to access the authentication information. This might be due to a network or hardware failure etc.
+One or more of the authentication modules has reached its limit of tries authenticating the user. Do not try again.
+The user was successfully authenticated.
+User unknown to authentication service.
-.BR pam_start "(3), "
-.BR pam_get_item "(3) "
-.BR pam_fail_delay "(3) "
-.BR pam_strerror "(3). "
-Also, see the three
-.BR Linux-PAM
-Guides, for
-.BR "System administrators" ", "
-.BR "module developers" ", "
-.BR "application developers" ". "