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Purpose of commit: cleanup Commit summary: --------------- 2007-12-05 Tomas Mraz <> * modules/pam_unix/ Add passverify.h and passverify.c as first part of pam_unix refactorization. * modules/pam_unix/pam_unix/pam_unix_acct.c: Include passverify.h. * modules/pam_unix/pam_unix_passwd.c: Likewise. * modules/pam_unix/passverify.c: New file with common functions. * modules/pam_unix/passverify.h: Prototypes for the common functions. * modules/pam_unix/support.c: Include passverify.h, move _unix_shadowed() to passverify.c. (_unix_verify_password): Refactor out verify_pwd_hash() function. * modules/pam_unix/support.h: Move _unix_shadowed() prototype to passverify.h * modules/pam_unix/unix_chkpwd.c: Use _unix_shadowed() and verify_pwd_hash() from passverify.c.
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