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authorAndrew G. Morgan <>2002-05-29 06:35:46 +0000
committerAndrew G. Morgan <>2002-05-29 06:35:46 +0000
commite509c5af6f70eb3cfd846004b82caaca24fd4a3b (patch)
treefe9859716e1120d88c1d3b6bf24aa1617c138332 /libpam
parent62f3574062ed05e9afd512028994bd17639c0b2f (diff)
Relevant BUGIDs: 491466
Purpose of commit: cleanup Commit summary: --------------- These were all suggestions from the OS X patch provided by Luke Howard. There is another proposed patch for OS X support which promises to be a little cleaner with the heavy stuff, so I am committing these simple changes now, with the intention of moving to the other patch for the big stuff (see 534205).
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/libpam/pam_strerror.c b/libpam/pam_strerror.c
index 2c588258..de857fd8 100644
--- a/libpam/pam_strerror.c
+++ b/libpam/pam_strerror.c
@@ -89,5 +89,5 @@ const char *pam_strerror(pam_handle_t *pamh, int errnum)
return "Application needs to call libpam again";
- return "Unknown Linux-PAM error (need to upgrde libpam?)";
+ return "Unknown PAM error";