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Purpose of commit: bugfix Commit summary: --------------- 2008-04-21 Thorsten Kukuk <> * modules/pam_access/access.conf.5.xml: Document changed behavior of LOCAL keyword. * modules/pam_access/pam_access.c: Add from_remote_host to struct login_info to change behavior of LOCAL keyword: if PAM_RHOST is not set, LOCAL will be true.
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internet network numbers (end with "."), internet network addresses
with network mask (where network mask can be a decimal number or an
internet address also), <emphasis>ALL</emphasis> (which always matches)
- or <emphasis>LOCAL</emphasis> (which matches any string that does not
- contain a "." character). If supported by the system you can use
+ or <emphasis>LOCAL</emphasis>. <emphasis>LOCAL</emphasis>
+ keyword matches if and only if the <emphasis>PAM_RHOST</emphasis> is
+ not set and &lt;origin&gt; field is thus set from
+ <emphasis>PAM_TTY</emphasis> or <emphasis>PAM_SERVICE</emphasis>".
+ If supported by the system you can use
<emphasis>@netgroupname</emphasis> in host or user patterns.