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Clarify pam_access docs re PAM service names and X $DISPLAY value testing.
(Ticket #39) * modules/pam_access/access.conf.5.xml * modules/pam_access/pam_access.8.xml Signed-off-by: Karl O. Pinc <kop at>
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The pam_access PAM module is mainly for access management.
It provides logdaemon style login access control based on login
names, host or domain names, internet addresses or network numbers,
- or on terminal line names in case of non-networked logins.
+ or on terminal line names, X <varname>$DISPLAY</varname> values,
+ or PAM service names in case of non-networked logins.
By default rules for access management are taken from config file
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If Linux PAM is compiled with audit support the module will report
- when it denies access based on origin (host or tty).
+ when it denies access based on origin (host, tty, etc.).