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Relevant BUGIDs: 424315
Purpose of commit: cleanup, new feature Commit summary: --------------- I'm adding a new module (pam_debug) that helped me to verify that the new setcred handling did not suffer from a bug in the handling of 'auth optional'. I'm also fixing a D(()) line from libpam/pam_dispatch.c which was simply broken. [There is still an outstanding backward compatibility issue with pam_dispatch that I'll address with respect to Bug 468724.]
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+# $Id$
+This module returns what its module arguments tell it to return. It
+can be used for debugging libpam and/or an application.
+Here are some example ways to use it:
+auth requisite
+auth [success=2 default=ok] auth=perm_denied cred=success
+auth [default=reset] auth=success cred=perm_denied
+auth [success=done default=die]
+auth optional auth=perm_denied cred=perm_denied
+auth sufficient auth=success cred=success