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+pam_env \- PAM module to set/unset environment variables
+.HP 11
+\\fR [debug] [conffile=\fIconf\-file\fR] [envfile=\fIenv\-file\fR] [readenv=\fI0|1\fR]
+The pam_env PAM module allows the (un)setting of environment variables. Supported is the use of previously set environment variables as well as
+\fIPAM_ITEM\fRs such as
+By default rules for (un)setting of variables is taken from the config file
+if no other file is specified.
+This module can also parse a file with simple
+pairs on seperate lines (\fI/etc/environment\fR
+by default). You can change the default file to parse, with the
+flag and turn it on or off by setting the
+flag to 1 or 0 respectively.
+Indicate an alternative
+style configuration file to override the default. This can be useful when different services need different environments.
+A lot of debug informations are printed with
+Indicate an alternative
+file to override the default. This can be useful when different services need different environments.
+Turns on or off the reading of the file specified by envfile (0 is off, 1 is on). By default this option is on.
+services are supported.
+Not all relevant data or options could be gotten.
+Memory buffer error.
+No pam_env.conf and environment file was found.
+Environment variables were set.
+Default configuration file
+Default environment file
+pam_env was written by Dave Kinchlea <>.