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+pam_exec — PAM module which calls an external command
-pam_exec module:
- Call <prog> <arguments>
- For the services you wish to run a program put the following
- line in the config as the last line for that service:
+pam_exec is a PAM module that can be used to run an external command.
- <type> required [options] /path/prog ...
- and will run "/path/prog ...".
+ Print debug information.
- debug print debug informations
+ The output of the command is appended to file
- seteuid will call setuid(seteuid()), so that
- the program will run with the same rights as the
- calling applications (effective user ID). The
- default is that the program will be run with the
- permissions of the calling user (real user ID).
- log=<file> the output is appended to this file.
+ Per default will execute the external command with the real
+ user ID of the calling process. Specifying this option means the command is
+ run with the effective user ID.
+Add the following line to /etc/pam.d/passwd to rebuild the NIS database after
+each local password change:
+ passwd optional seteuid make -C /var/yp
+This will execute the command
+make -C /var/yp
+with effective user ID.
+pam_exec was written by Thorsten Kukuk <>.
- Thorsten Kukuk <>