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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- 2006-12-06 Thorsten Kukuk <> * modules/pam_faildelay/pam_faildelay.c: If no argument is given, try to read FAIL_DELAY from /etc/login.defs. * modules/pam_faildelay/pam_faildelay.8.xml: Document usage of /etc/login.defs.
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.\" Title: pam_faildelay
.\" Author:
-.\" Generator: DocBook XSL Stylesheets v1.71.0 <>
-.\" Date: 11/28/2006
+.\" Generator: DocBook XSL Stylesheets v1.70.1 <>
+.\" Date: 12/06/2006
.\" Manual: Linux\-PAM Manual
.\" Source: Linux\-PAM Manual
-.TH "PAM_FAILDELAY" "8" "11/28/2006" "Linux\-PAM Manual" "Linux\-PAM Manual"
+.TH "PAM_FAILDELAY" "8" "12/06/2006" "Linux\-PAM Manual" "Linux\-PAM Manual"
.\" disable hyphenation
.\" disable justification (adjust text to left margin only)
@@ -18,33 +18,30 @@ pam_faildelay \- Change the delay on failure per\-application
pam_faildelay is a PAM module that can be used to set the delay on failure per\-application.
+If no
+is given, pam_faildelay will use the value of FAIL_DELAY from
+.TP 3n
-.RS 3n
Turns on debugging messages sent to syslog.
+.TP 3n
-.RS 3n
Set the delay on failure to N microseconds.
Only the
service is supported.
+.TP 3n
-.RS 3n
Delay was successful adjusted.
+.TP 3n
-.RS 3n
The specified delay was not valid.
The following example will set the delay on failure to 10 seconds: