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-pam_lastlog — PAM module to display date of last login
+pam_lastlog — PAM module to display date of last login and perform inactive
+account lock out
@@ -10,6 +11,10 @@ login of the user. In addition, the module maintains the /var/log/lastlog file.
Some applications may perform this function themselves. In such cases, this
module is not necessary.
+If the module is called in the auth or account phase, the accounts that were
+not used recently enough will be disallowed to log in. The check is not
+performed for the root account so the root is never locked out.
@@ -52,6 +57,12 @@ showfailed
Display number of failed login attempts and the date of the last failed
attempt from btmp. The date is not displayed when nodate is specified.
+ This option is specific for the auth or account phase. It specifies the
+ number of days after the last login of the user when the user will be
+ locked out by the module. The default value is 90.
Add the following line to /etc/pam.d/login to display the last login time of an
@@ -60,7 +71,15 @@ user:
session required nowtmp
+To reject the user if he did not login during the previous 50 days the
+following line can be used:
+ auth required inactive=50
pam_lastlog was written by Andrew G. Morgan <>.
+Inactive account lock out added by Tomáš Mráz <>.