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Small documentation and define fixes
modules/pam_limits/limits.conf.5.xml: Document race of maxlogins [#10] modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h: Define MS_SLAVE if necessary modules/pam_pwhistory/pam_pwhistory.c: Document how the module works modules/pam_unix/pam_unix.8.xml: Document remember option obsoleted by pam_pwhistory [#6]
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Also, please note that all limit settings are set
<emphasis>per login</emphasis>. They are not global, nor are they
permanent; existing only for the duration of the session.
+ One exception is the <emphasis>maxlogin</emphasis> option, this one
+ is system wide. But there is a race, concurrent logins at the same
+ time will not always be detect as such but only counted as one.
In the <emphasis>limits</emphasis> configuration file, the