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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- 2008-04-18 Tomas Mraz <> * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.c: New functions unprotect_dirs(), cleanup_protect_data(), protect_mount(), protect_dir() to protect directory by bind mount. (cleanup_data): Renamed to cleanup_polydir_data(). (parse_create_params): Allow missing specification of mode or owner. (check_inst_parent): Call protect_dir() on the instance parent directory. The directory is created when it doesn't exist. (create_polydir): Protect and make the polydir by protect_dir(), remove potential races. (create_dirs): Renamed to create_instance(), remove call to inst_init(). (ns_setup): Call protect_dir() on the polydir if it already exists. Call inst_init() after the polydir is mounted. (setup_namespace): Set the namespace protect data to be cleaned up on pam_close_session()/pam_end(). (pam_sm_open_session): Initialize the protect_dirs. (pam_sm_close_session): Cleanup namespace protect data. * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h: Define struct for the stack of protected dirs. * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.8.xml: Document when the instance init script is called. * modules/pam_namespace/namespace.conf.5.xml: Likewise.
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