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authorTomas Mraz <>2008-02-01 16:22:23 +0000
committerTomas Mraz <>2008-02-01 16:22:23 +0000
commit2535f925c1a6049e5ad9ee4f313bcaa79131932b (patch)
treeb0f1ae461c7b4650ccd8c5211e57f24c114eb79c /modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h
parent538dad819245deb53f1d55109130dce2199c6730 (diff)
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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- 2008-02-01 Tomas Mraz <> * modules/pam_namespace/namespace.conf.5.xml: Add documentation for tmpfs and tmpdir polyinst and for ~ user list modifier. * modules/pam_namespace/namespace.init: Add documentation for the new init parameter. Add home directory initialization script. * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.8.xml: Document the new init parameter of the namespace.init script. * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.c(copy_ent): Copy exclusive flag. (cleanup_data): New function. (process_line): Set exclusive flag. Add tmpfs and tmpdir methods. (ns_override): Change behavior on the exclusive flag. (poly_name): Process tmpfs and tmpdir methods. (inst_init): Add flag for new directory initialization. (create_dirs): Process the tmpdir method, add the new directory flag. (ns_setup): Remove unused code. Process the tmpfs method. (cleanup_tmpdirs): New function. (setup_namespace): Set data for proper cleanup. Cleanup the tmpdirs on failures. (pam_sm_close_session): Instead of parsing the config file again use the previously set data for cleanup. * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h: Add TMPFS and TMPDIR methods and exclusive flag.
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diff --git a/modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h b/modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h
index 0847ec08..4b438899 100644
--- a/modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h
+++ b/modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.h
@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@
#define PAMNS_NO_UNMOUNT_ON_CLOSE 0x00010000 /* no unmount at session close */
+#define NAMESPACE_POLYDIR_DATA "pam_namespace:polydir_data"
* Polyinstantiation method options, based on user, security context
@@ -100,6 +101,8 @@ enum polymethod {
@@ -128,6 +131,7 @@ struct polydir_s {
enum polymethod method; /* method used to polyinstantiate */
unsigned int num_uids; /* number of override uids */
uid_t *uid; /* list of override uids */
+ int exclusive; /* polyinstatiate exclusively for override uids */
struct polydir_s *next; /* pointer to the next polydir entry */