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Relevant BUGIDs: 419307
Purpose of commit: new feature/cleanup Commit summary: --------------- made pam_nologin more secure by changing the default behavior and adding some more features. General code clean up in the process.
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@@ -5,8 +5,19 @@ This module always lets root in; it lets other users in only if the file
/etc/nologin doesn't exist. In any case, if /etc/nologin exists, it's
contents are displayed to the user.
+The default return value for this module is PAM_IGNORE, you can
+override this with the successok module argument.
module services provided:
- auth _authentication and _setcred (blank)
+ auth _authenticate and _setcred
+ account _acct_mgmt
+optional arguments:
+ file=<alternative-nologin-pathname> - choose a different file
+ successok - return PAM_SUCCESS if no file
+[Original README by Michael K. Johnson]
-Michael K. Johnson