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-pam_nologin — Prevent non-root users from login
-pam_nologin is a PAM module that prevents users from logging into the system
-when /etc/nologin exists. The contents of the /etc/nologin file are displayed
-to the user. The pam_nologin module has no effect on the root user's ability to
-log in.
- Use this file instead the default /etc/nologin.
- Return PAM_SUCCESS if no file exists, the default is PAM_IGNORE.
-The suggested usage for /etc/pam.d/login is:
-auth required
-In order to make this module effective, all login methods should be secured by
-it. It should be used as a required method listed before any sufficient methods
-in order to get standard Unix nologin semantics. Note, the use of successok
-module argument causes the module to return PAM_SUCCESS and as such would break
-such a configuration - failing sufficient modules would lead to a successful
-login because the nologin module succeeded.
-pam_nologin was written by Michael K. Johnson <>.