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-.\" Copyright (C) 2003 International Business Machines Corp.
-.\" This file is distributed according to the GNU General Public License.
-.\" See the file COPYING in the top level source directory for details.
-.\" Sh \" Subsection
-.if t .Sp 5
-.. Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP)
-.if t .sp .5v
-.if n .sp
-.. Ip \" List item \\n(.$>=3 .ne \\$3
-.el .ne 3
-.IP "\\$1" \\$2
-.TH "PAM_NOLOGIN" 8 "2003-03-21" "Linux 2.4" "System Administrator's Manual"
-pam_nologin \- Disables login for all except root when
-\fI/etc/nologin\fR exists
+.\" Title: pam_nologin
+.\" Author:
+.\" Generator: DocBook XSL Stylesheets v1.70.1 <>
+.\" Date: 06/04/2006
+.\" Manual: Linux\-PAM Manual
+.\" Source: Linux\-PAM Manual
+.TH "PAM_NOLOGIN" "8" "06/04/2006" "Linux\-PAM Manual" "Linux\-PAM Manual"
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+.\" disable justification (adjust text to left margin only)
.ad l
-.hy 0
+pam_nologin \- Prevent non\-root users from login
+.HP 15
+\\fR [file=\fI/path/nologin\fR] [successok]
-\fBpam_nologin\fR is a PAM module that prevents users from logging
-into the system when \fI/etc/nologin\fR exists.
-The contents of the \fI/etc/nologin\fR file are displayed to the user.
-The \fBpam_nologin\fR module has no effect on the root user's ability to log in.
+pam_nologin is a PAM module that prevents users from logging into the system when
+exists. The contents of the
+file are displayed to the user. The pam_nologin module has no effect on the root user's ability to log in.
-\fBpam_login\fR has no options.
+.TP 3n
+Use this file instead the default
+.TP 3n
+Return PAM_SUCCESS if no file exists, the default is PAM_IGNORE.
-_authentication and _setcred (blank)
-\fBpam_nologin\fR has the following return codes:
+services are supported.
+.TP 3n
+The user is not root and
+exists, so the user is not permitted to log in.
+.TP 3n
+Memory buffer error.
+.TP 3n
+This is the default return value.
+.TP 3n
-Success: either the user is root or the \fI/etc/nologin\fR file does not exist.
-The module was unable to get the user name.
+Success: either the user is root or the
+file does not exist.
+.TP 3n
-The module cannot get the UID associated with this user.
-The user is not root and \fI/etc/nologin\fR exists, so the user is
-not permitted to log in.
+User not known to the underlying authentication module.
-\fBpam_nologin\fR was written by Michael K. Johnson.
+The suggested usage for
+.RS 3n
+auth required
+In order to make this module effective, all login methods should be secured by it. It should be used as a
+method listed before any
+methods in order to get standard Unix nologin semantics. Note, the use of
+module argument causes the module to return
+and as such would break such a configuration \- failing
+modules would lead to a successful login because the nologin module
-\fBpam.conf\fR(8), \fBpam.d\fR(8), \fBpam\fR(8), \fBnologin\fR(8).
-Emily Ratliff.
+pam_nologin was written by Michael K. Johnson <>.