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-pam_selinux — PAM module to set the default security context
-In a nutshell, pam_selinux sets up the default security context for the next
-execed shell.
-When an application opens a session using pam_selinux, the shell that gets
-executed will be run in the default security context, or if the user chooses
-and the pam file allows the selected security context. Also the controlling tty
-will have it's security context modified to match the users.
-Adding pam_selinux into a pam file could cause other pam modules to change
-their behavior if the exec another application. The close and open option help
-mitigate this problem. close option will only cause the close portion of the
-pam_selinux to execute, and open will only cause the open portion to run. You
-can add pam_selinux to the config file twice. Add the pam_selinux close as the
-executes the open pass through the modules, pam_selinux open_session will
-happen last. When PAM executes the close pass through the modules pam_selinux
-close_session will happen first.
- Only execute the close_session portion of the module.
- Turns on debugging via syslog(3).
- Only execute the open_session portion of the module.
- Do not try to setup the ttys security context.
- attempt to inform the user when security context is set.
- Attempt to ask the user for a custom security context role. If MLS is on
- ask also for sensitivity level.
- Use the sensitivity range of the process for the user context. This option
- and the select_context option are mutually exclusive.
-auth required
-session required
-session optional
-pam_selinux was written by Dan Walsh <>.