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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- Add xtests to allow checks for PAM functions only doable in installed system. 2006-08-05 Thorsten Kukuk <> * Generate xtests/Makefile. * (SUBDIRS): Add xtests. * README: Document make check and make xtests. * xtests/ New. * xtests/tst-pam_dispatch1.pamd: New. * xtests/tst-pam_dispatch2.pamd: New. * xtests/tst-pam_dispatch3.pamd: New. * xtests/tst-pam_dispatch1.c: New. * xtests/tst-pam_dispatch2.c: New. * xtests/tst-pam_dispatch3.c: New.
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.\" Title: pam_succeed_if
.\" Author:
.\" Generator: DocBook XSL Stylesheets v1.70.1 <>
-.\" Date: 06/22/2006
+.\" Date: 08/05/2006
.\" Manual: Linux\-PAM
.\" Source: Linux\-PAM
-.TH "PAM_SUCCEED_IF" "8" "06/22/2006" "Linux\-PAM" "Linux\-PAM"
+.TH "PAM_SUCCEED_IF" "8" "08/05/2006" "Linux\-PAM" "Linux\-PAM"
.\" disable hyphenation
.\" disable justification (adjust text to left margin only)
@@ -47,9 +47,10 @@ Available fields are
.TP 3n
\fBfield < number\fR
Field has a value numerically less than number.
@@ -81,11 +82,23 @@ Field matches the given glob.
\fBfield !~ glob\fR
Field does not match the given glob.
.TP 3n
+\fBfield in item:item:...\fR
+Field is contained in the list of items separated by colons.
+.TP 3n
+\fBfield notin item:item:...\fR
+Field is not contained in the list of items separated by colons.
+.TP 3n
\fBuser ingroup group\fR
User is in given group.
.TP 3n
\fBuser notingroup group\fR
User is not in given group.
+.TP 3n
+\fBuser innetgr netgroup\fR
+(user,host) is in given netgroup.
+.TP 3n
+\fBuser notinnetgr group\fR
+(user,host) is not in given netgroup.