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modules/*/ list prerequisites of README target uniformly
There is no need to list prerequisites of README targets manually as all README targets depend on $(XMLS). The change is performed automatically using the following script: sed -i 's/^README: pam_.*/README: $(XMLS)/' modules/*/ * modules/pam_access/ (README): Replace pam_access.8.xml and access.conf.5.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_cracklib/ (README): Replace pam_cracklib.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_debug/ (README): Replace pam_debug.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_deny/ (README): Replace pam_deny.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_echo/ (README): Replace pam_echo.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_env/ (README): Replace pam_env.8.xml and pam_env.conf.5.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_exec/ (README): Replace pam_exec.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_faildelay/ (README): Replace pam_faildelay.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_filter/ (README): Replace pam_filter.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_ftp/ (README): Replace pam_ftp.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_group/ (README): Replace pam_group.8.xml and group.conf.5.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_issue/ (README): Replace pam_issue.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_keyinit/ (README): Replace pam_keyinit.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_lastlog/ (README): Replace pam_lastlog.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_limits/ (README): Replace pam_limits.8.xml and limits.conf.5.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_listfile/ (README): Replace pam_listfile.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_localuser/ (README): Replace pam_localuser.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_loginuid/ (README): Replace pam_loginuid.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_mail/ (README): Replace pam_mail.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_mkhomedir/ (README): Replace pam_mkhomedir.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_motd/ (README): Replace pam_motd.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_namespace/ (README): Replace pam_namespace.8.xml, namespace.conf.5.xml, and pam_namespace_helper.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_nologin/ (README): Replace pam_nologin.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_permit/ (README): Replace pam_permit.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_pwhistory/ (README): Replace pam_pwhistory.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_rhosts/ (README): Replace pam_rhosts.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_rootok/ (README): Replace pam_rootok.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_securetty/ (README): Replace pam_securetty.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_selinux/ (README): Replace pam_selinux.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_sepermit/ (README): Replace pam_sepermit.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_setquota/ (README): Replace pam_setquota.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_shells/ (README): Replace pam_shells.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_succeed_if/ (README): Replace pam_succeed_if.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_tally/ (README): Replace pam_tally.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_tally2/ (README): Replace pam_tally2.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_time/ (README): Replace pam_time.8.xml and time.conf.5.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_timestamp/ (README): Replace pam_timestamp.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_tty_audit/ (README): Replace pam_tty_audit.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_umask/ (README): Replace pam_umask.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_unix/ (README): Replace pam_unix.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_userdb/ (README): Replace pam_userdb.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_usertype/ (README): Replace pam_usertype.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_warn/ (README): Replace pam_warn.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_wheel/ (README): Replace pam_wheel.8.xml with $(XMLS). * modules/pam_xauth/ (README): Replace pam_xauth.8.xml with $(XMLS).
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diff --git a/modules/pam_succeed_if/ b/modules/pam_succeed_if/
index 99ff1427..97fe5c94 100644
--- a/modules/pam_succeed_if/
+++ b/modules/pam_succeed_if/
@@ -30,6 +30,6 @@ pam_succeed_if_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/libpam/
noinst_DATA = README
-README: pam_succeed_if.8.xml
-include $(top_srcdir)/Make.xml.rules