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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- 2006-01-12 Steve Grubb <> * Add check for audit library. * libpam/ (libpam_la_LDFLAGS): Add LIBAUDIT. (libpam_la_SOURCES): Add pam_audit.c. * libpam/pam_account.c (pam_acct_mgmt): Add _pam_auditlog() call. * libpam/pam_auth.c (pam_authenticate), (pam_setcred): Likewise. * libpam/pam_password.c (pam_chauthtok): Likewise. * libpam/pam_session.c (pam_open_session), (pam_close_session): Likewise. * libpam/pam_private.h: Add audit_state member to pam_handle, declare _pam_auditlog and _pam_audit_end. * libpam/pam_start.c (pam_start): Initialize audit_state. * libpam/pam_audit.c: New file with _pam_auditlog and _pam_audit_end implementation. * libpam/pam_end.c (pam_end): Add _pam_audit_end() call. * NEWS: Note about added auditing.
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