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pam_succeed_if: Request user data only when needed
Allow for conditions that just check the user field to also work for users not known to the system. Before this caused a PAM_USER_UNKNOWN even if no extra data for an existing user was needed. E.g. auth sufficient user = NotKnownToSystem modules/pam_succeed_if/pam_succeed_if.c (evaluate): Change the pwd parameter to an input/output parameter. Lazily request pwd with pam_modutil_getpwnam() if needed and return PAM_USER_UNKNOWN on failure. modules/pam_succeed_if/pam_succeed_if.c (pam_sm_authenticate): Don't request the pwd if !use_uid anymore and shift the output from audit to after the evaluate() call. Also make sure not to give the normal failure message if the lazy pwd loading failed.
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