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-# $Id$
+pam_warn — PAM module which logs all PAM items if called
-This module is an authentication module that does not authenticate.
-Instead it always returns PAM_IGNORE, indicating that it does not want
-to affect the authentication process.
+pam_warn is a PAM module that logs the service, terminal, user, remote user and
+remote host to syslog(3). The items are not probed for, but instead obtained
+from the standard PAM items. The module always returns PAM_IGNORE, indicating
+that it does not want to affect the authentication process.
-Its purpose is to log a message to the syslog indicating the
-pam_item's available at the time it was invoked. It is a diagnostic
-Recognized arguments:
+This module does not recognice any options.
- <none>
+# If we don't have config entries for a service, the
+# OTHER entries are used. To be secure, warn and deny
+# access to everything.
+other auth required
+other auth required
+other account required
+other account required
+other password required
+other password required
+other session required
+other session required
-module services provided:
- auth _authenticate and _setcred (blank)
- acct _acct_mgmt [mapped to _authenticate]
- session _open_session and
- _close_session [mapped to _authenticate ]
- password _chauthtok [mapped to _authenticate]
+pam_warn was written by Andrew G. Morgan <>.
-Andrew Morgan