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pam_access: Add note about spaces around ':' in access.conf(5)
* modules/pam_access/access.conf.5.xml: Add note about spaces around ':'
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+ <refsect1 id="access.conf-notes">
+ <title>NOTES</title>
+ <para>
+ The default separators of list items in a field are space, ',', and tabulator
+ characters. Thus conveniently if spaces are put at the beginning and the end of
+ the fields they are ignored. However if the list separator is changed with the
+ <emphasis>listsep</emphasis> option, the spaces will become part of the actual
+ item and the line will be most probably ignored. For this reason, it is not
+ recommended to put spaces around the ':' characters.
+ </para>
+ </refsect1>
<refsect1 id="access.conf-see_also">
<title>SEE ALSO</title>