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authorDmitry V. Levin <>2018-06-22 10:21:22 +0000
committerDmitry V. Levin <>2018-06-22 10:21:22 +0000
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pam_tally, pam_tally2: fix grammar and spelling (#54)
* modules/pam_tally/pam_tally.c (tally_check): Replace "Account is temporary locked" with "The account is temporarily locked" in translated messages. * modules/pam_tally2/pam_tally2.c (tally_check): Likewise. * po/Linux-PAM.pot: Update pam_tally and pam_tally2 messages. Closes:
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diff --git a/po/Linux-PAM.pot b/po/Linux-PAM.pot
index 25a59788..91178042 100644
--- a/po/Linux-PAM.pot
+++ b/po/Linux-PAM.pot
@@ -442,12 +442,12 @@ msgstr ""
#: modules/pam_tally/pam_tally.c:541 modules/pam_tally2/pam_tally2.c:597
#, c-format
-msgid "Account is temporary locked (%ld seconds left)."
+msgid "The account is temporarily locked (%ld seconds left)."
msgstr ""
#: modules/pam_tally/pam_tally.c:566 modules/pam_tally2/pam_tally2.c:580
#, c-format
-msgid "Account is locked due to %u failed logins."
+msgid "The account is locked due to %u failed logins."
msgstr ""
#: modules/pam_tally/pam_tally.c:750 modules/pam_tally2/pam_tally2.c:863