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Purpose of commit: bugfix, cleanup Commit summary: --------------- 2005-09-21 Dmitry V. Levin <> * modules/pam_mail/pam_mail.c: Include <errno.h>. Remove YOUR_MAIL_VERBOSE_FORMAT, YOUR_MAIL_STANDARD_FORMAT and NO_MAIL_STANDARD_FORMAT macros. (parse_args, get_folder): Cleanup error messages. (get_folder): Fix leak of the path_mail variable in case of pam_get_user() failure. Cleanup memory management. (get_mail_status): Add pam_handle_t* argument. Fix leaks of namelist variable. Cleanup memory management. Log memory allocation failures. Remove 250-byte limit on Maildir pathname. (report_mail): Mark text messages for translation. (_do_mail): Cleanup memory management. Pass pam_handle_t* to get_mail_status().
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